April 23, 2024

VisionPlex: The Revolution in Bluetooth Diagnostics for Intelligent Maintenance

Electrical maintenance with VisionPlex: for precise and mobile diagnostics

In the ever-evolving landscape of specialized vehicles, ensuring optimal performance of the electrical system is essential. Indeed, immobilized vehicles result not only in decreased productivity but also in considerable costs. From stylish recreational vehicles to powerful construction equipment, including emergency vehicles, specialized vehicles often operate in diverse and challenging conditions, making the rapid identification of faults crucial. Maintenance of electrical systems is commonly performed using LEDs on controllers or data displayed on screens (HMI). Although functional, these methods are sometimes restrictive. In the context of these challenges, PRAN is proud to present its mobile application VisionPlex, a secure diagnostic tool based on Bluetooth technology. This change represents a significant turning point in PRAN's approach, providing wireless connectivity, unparalleled freedom of movement, and advanced features to ensure accurate and fast diagnostics.

Wireless connectivity for constraint-free diagnostics

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can access real-time data in the palm of your hand, eliminating the constraints of traditional cables. Technicians can now move freely around the vehicle while conducting precise real-time diagnostics. This increased mobility allows easy access to all electrical components, significantly improving productivity.

Advanced features for precise diagnostics

VisionPlex offers advanced features that go beyond the capabilities of traditional LEDs. Technicians can monitor current values in real-time, analyze inputs with in-depth voltage details, and get a clear indication of the number of amps flowing through the outputs. These advanced features enable precise diagnostics, contributing to minimizing vehicle downtime.

Custom network variables for targeted analysis

A distinctive feature of the application is the support for network variables. Specific information for each application's variables can be easily accessible, allowing technicians to get a detailed view of parameters specific to each system. This customization offers a more accurate diagnostic approach, promoting quick and targeted issue resolution.

Time and money savings through a user-friendly interface

With VisionPlex, no need for complex tools – a simple cell phone is sufficient. You can access diagnostic data directly from your smartphone or tablet. Diagnostics can be performed anywhere, anytime, providing maximum flexibility for efficient maintenance. Additionally, the application stands out with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for technicians of all experience levels to use. The simplicity of use translates into time savings, contributing to optimizing maintenance processes.

VisionPlex: the revolution in specialized vehicle diagnostics

The advent of our Bluetooth application for network diagnostics of specialized vehicles marks a new era in electrical maintenance. By combining wireless connectivity, freedom of movement, and advanced features, we offer a comprehensive solution to meet the complex needs of our clients. This technological advancement reflects our commitment to innovation and our determination to provide cutting-edge tools to ensure the proper functioning of specialized vehicles in all operational conditions.

By harnessing the power of wireless monitoring, real-time capabilities,
and comprehensive fault detection, you are not just maintaining your vehicles
- you are raising performance and reliability standards in the industry.

Embrace the future of diagnostics and download VisionPlex now on the Apple Store and Google Play store. VisionPlex - for electrical maintenance that meets your expectations.

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