December 5, 2023

Shaping the future of service and utility vehicle manufacturers: realities, trends, and our vision

The industry of workshop vehicle manufacturing is in constant evolution, facing realities and trends that shape its future. In this article, we will first explore the challenges and opportunities that service and utility truck manufacturers face, then share our vision of the manufacturer of the future.

Current realities and trends

Customisation and modularity

Customers demand utility vehicles tailored to their specific needs. Manufacturers must provide customized solutions while maintaining operational efficiency. For controlling all electrical functions of the vehicle, the idea of having a single hardware solution to meet all customer expectations is becoming the new norm.

Durability and energy efficiency

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations push manufacturers to explore more eco-friendly options. For users, the electrical system must have longevity and reliability equal to or greater than the vehicle itself.

Production costs

Customization, regulations, and quality significantly influence project profitability. Warranty costs can be reduced by adopting advanced technologies and abandoning fuses and relays for control.

Lack of personnel

The shortage of qualified personnel is a pressing reality for many companies, leading to production delays and challenges in meeting the growing market demand and catching up on post-pandemic production delays.

Our vision of the manufacturer of the future

We believe in a future where utility vehicle manufacturers are pioneers of innovation, creating tailored solutions to meet each customer's needs. These manufacturers will be leaders in sustainability, energy efficiency, and safety. Our plug-and-play electronic system for service trucks and workshop bodies is the cornerstone of this vision. It offers the flexibility needed to customize utility trucks according to each customer's needs while simplifying the manufacturing process.

The CAN-Guru Service & Utility Truck kit offers unparalleled flexibility to manufacturers, allowing the use of the same components for different vehicle configurations. This standardization significantly streamlines the manufacturing process, saving time and resources. Additionally, thanks to our intuitive configuration software, customization becomes a breeze, requiring no programming skills. With a simple drop-down menu, you can choose the accessories to control, adapting the system to each customer's specific requirements. This simplicity of customization ensures that our solutions remain at the forefront of efficiency while offering exceptional adaptability, enabling bodybuilders to quickly and easily respond to diverse customer demands. Manufacturers get the best of both worlds with standardized production while being able to offer customization to their customers.

Standardizing electronic systems offers a multitude of crucial advantages for manufacturers. Firstly, it significantly simplifies the design and production process, reducing lead times and costs. Manufacturers can reuse proven electronic components in various vehicle configurations, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their products. Furthermore, standardization facilitates fleet maintenance and management since technicians are familiar with a set of common components and software. Finally, it allows manufacturers to remain competitive in the market by offering quick and flexible customization to their customers without starting from scratch each time.


In conclusion, our plug-and-play electronic system paves the way for a new era of manufacturing for service and utility vehicle manufacturers. By aligning our solutions with current realities and trends, we contribute to realizing our vision of the manufacturer of the future, more flexible and efficient than ever. We are proud to be a key partner for bodybuilders aiming to achieve these goals and thrive in an ever-evolving industry. If you want to learn more about our solution and how it could benefit your company, reach out today.

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