November 28, 2022

PRAN celebrates its 30th anniversary

The leader in performance optimization of emergency vehicles and mobile machines in Canada looks back on its beginnings…

Quebec City, November 28, 2022 - For the past 30 years, PRAN Systems Inc. has worked in the transportation industry as an electronic designer and manufacturer. For this occasion, the leader in performance optimization of emergency vehicles and mobile machines in Canada looks back on the company’s beginnings. Finally, to celebrate, PRAN announces the launch of a new generation of products.

The birth of an idea

PRAN Systems Inc., born from the acronym Production – Research – Analogue – Numerical, officially began its operations in 1992. It was founded following the observation of several shortcomings in the vehicle’s electrical systems and the opportunity to fix them with the help of electronics. Originally, Mr. Daniel Arteau, an electrical engineer in industry for 14 years, founded the company with a partner, also an electrical engineer.

It all started 30 years ago… At the time, a friend and I decided to start our own company.
I remember how we were called "dreamers".
- Daniel Arteau, Founding President

A first growth

PRAN is originally a family business, which began its activities in the basement of the Arteau house. The two friends offered design services to a major Canadian coach manufacturer, who then requested the development for the bus door control and air conditioning control. In 1993, PRAN left the basement of the founder's residence and moved to the CREDEQ (Centre Régional de Développement d'Entreprises de Québec), a business incubator located in Quebec City.

Shortly after, PRAN Systems Inc. was approached for a major project: an update of a bus control system. They had to replace all the existing components, relays and fuse controls with new transistor-based controllers. At the time, it was all of a challenge. However, these were the first multiplexed controllers that are worth of the PRAN’s expertise today. This project, coupled with another contract with a major client in California, enabled the company to hire its first employees in 1994 and to move into its first premises.

Efforts that bear fruit

From the beginning, the mission has been to be a leader in multiplexing technology, even before the term "multiplexing" appeared. The goal was to democratize the technologies of the automotive industry.

Today, PRAN Systems Inc. provides its solutions in more than 33 countries and four continents. With the acquisition of a new production plant in 2018, which also houses its headquarters, PRAN is experiencing a solid and promising growth. Made up of experts in CAN technology and multiplexing, the company continues to push the limits in order to offer its current and future customers products and services that exceed their expectations.

2015 PRAN team

PRAN has come a long way since its beginnings thirty years ago. I can't hide that it
wasn't always easy. There are ups and downs in the life of every business. But I
hope that the successes of today - the successes experienced by PRAN – can
inspire young people to embark on the adventure of building their own business.
- Daniel Arteau, Founding President

A big announcement for the occasion

In marks of its 30th anniversary celebrations, PRAN Systems Inc. is launching a new generation of products. More information on this announcement is soon to come. Stay tuned. 

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